Podcasting Power

Fri, Jan 29, 2021 3:38 AM

It's 2021 now but still not everybody knows exactly what podcasting is, even those I’ve worked with during the recording of my show weren't sure what it was until I told them. “It's an audio only… show?" We’ll it's not technically a show since you don’t actually see anything, except for maybe the cover art and description, but it's uploaded onto the web where anybody in the world can listen to it on their computer or audio/app. That's how I sort of explained it and they seemed to sort of understand. 

I admit, I never subscribed, followed or shared anybody's podcast before I started my own. I did search around to see what it was all about, most seemed to be host with guests talking and laughing about things they they loved to talk and laugh about. But what inspired me the most was probably the old radio shows from the 1930's, 40's & 50's. No I wasn't around back then, but I’ve heard them as a kid and now and then I get lucky enough to catch one on late night radio.  These radio shows open your imagination a bit wider than just watching TV, and I loved that. The sound effects added so much more depth than just dialog and mood music, and that’s what I was committed to doing with my show.


I had a lot of fun writing, recording, even editing Home of the Braves. But maybe the biggest challenge for me and the cast was the outside noise, not creeping in, but storming in like armed bandits. Yes we have two sound booths that feel warm and cozy, but it's no match for the four-way stop that’s right outside our studio, the epicenter for trash trucks, muffler-less cars, and over-sized motorcycles. But wth a lot of patience, timing and some noise reduction plugins on the audio tracks, we got through it all. We've all learned a lot through this wonderful process.

Podcasts can sometimes be a beautiful form of art where you can lay back with your eyes closed and just enjoy, (unless you're driving, flying or doing dental work). There's thousands, maybe even millions of shows to chose from these days; Documentaries, Comedies, Sports, Politics, Special Interest and more. If you haven't given podcasts a chance I think now is a good time. It might take you a while to find something you really like, but chances are you eventually will. Podcasts are the future, why not start listening right now.



Thank you all for your support.
E.J. Hamilton